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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Diluted Eyes

I get to go in tomorrow for my annual - well it's been 18 months if you must know - eye exam, with dilation.

The last several times, there has been a bit of a discussion with my insurance company, who don't seem to understand, that yes, this exam is medically necessary, and they may need to pay more than $60 for an examination. I am getting more than just an updated prescription for glasses. I am getting a medical examination to see if I need expensive treatment for a diabetes-related vision problem. They must get really enthused about these things, over at that big blue insurance company.

At my transportation related job, I often have senior ladies - it's always women who call with this question, never men- calling in to say that they need help with travel to and from their eye exam; they are getting their eyes dilated and won't be able to drive.

Are you able to drive following your eye exam?

So far, I find that I am able to drive. My far vision is just fine. It's my close vision that's shot when my eyes are dilated.

So, I can't read, but I could drive, as long as I didn't actually need to know how fast I was going or what the mileage reads.

Perhaps this will be the year for bifocals.

If I make it safely to work after the exam, I'll let you know. I usually sit in the parking lot for at least an hour. I'll bring a book on tape to entertain me.


  • At 3:16 AM, Blogger Lyrehca said…

    Just went to a dilated eye exam yesterday (sadly, I go several times a year) and happened to notice all the couples sitting in the eye dilation area. I actually work very close to my eye doc's office and therefore always take the subway back to work solo. But I did figure that all the couples were there to drive each other back home after the visit.

    Never tried to drive after an eye doc's visit, though my boss at work noticed my diated pupils an hour or two later and commented that I looked like I had a doll's eyes.

  • At 11:16 AM, Blogger Lori Rode said…

    Talked with the eye doctor briefly, and she reminded me that persons older than I often have more complicated eye conditions and may take many hours to recover from an eye dilation. She also said, "They're usually on the borderline of having enough eyesight to be driving anyway..."

    I still look very 'bella donna', and it's been 3 hours.


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