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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oregon Type 2 Diabetes in the News

In today's issue of our local Portland newspaper, The Oregonian, there's an article about a new study being started about Type 2 diabetes and prevention of it, aimed at middle school students. Here's a link to the article, written by Anna Prior.

It sounds like a great study, nationwide, under NIH, and with one study area here in Oregon, centered at OHSU. They're going to follow 'intervention' schools, where education and the food served at school will change, as opposed to 'comparison' schools, which will continue with existing foods, etc. It sounds like they're going to draw blood and do weight and other measures to judge these kids' risk factors for Type 2. Results of the study won't be available until 2009.

Other statistics mentioned in the article: in Oregon, it is estimated that a person dies from diabetes (non-specified as to type) every eight and a half hours. Another way of putting that: every day, in my state alone, which is not a highly populated state in the USA, two or three people die from this disease every day. Each and every day. If one wanted to attend every funeral where diabetes contributed to or caused the death, even in my state, you couldn't keep up with them.

This disease is awful. The toll from this disease is astounding. We need to get angry about it. We need to get active about it. Of course, for those of us with the diagnosis of diabetes, we're fighting for our own lives first. It is a personal battle first, but it cannot stop there. As a nation, as a society, we must fight against this diabetes epidemic. It costs us dearly.

Special Message to Type 1s: Even when you get your cure or cures-please God may it come soon-the fight against diabetes will not be over. Please stand with us against Type 2 diabetes, as we stand with you against Type 1.

I am so pleased that they've started with this middle school study. I'm not sure that it will make much difference, but it may show that the roots of sedentary habits and obesity do start at a very young age. But, hey, if one person can delay or prevent their own diagnosis of diabetes, that will be a victory in this war.

Okay, so it's not very topical, it being the holiday and all, but there it is.

And another note: when I worked for a particular state licensing board, it was our practice to scour the Oregonian for obituaries for our licensees, so we could make a note of it, and prevent abuse, etc. When the Oregonian got their stuff on line, we started searching that site instead (much faster). So, for obituaries, we had to go to Oregon LIVE! Ha ha ha! That always tickled my funnybone.


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