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Friday, November 17, 2006

New ideas about diabetes

From where do you get new ideas about your diabetes and your treatment? And how do those new ideas affect your thoughts and your behavior?

I've always been a health news nut, reading every piece I can find in the papers, in magazines, online. I used to subscribe to Prevention magazine, and that was pre-diagnosis.

I have been watching Dlife, on TV, although my schedule won't allow me to view it this week, I'm sure. I like it, because it's immediate, and I have a lot of confidence in the information. In other words, I'm pretty sure I won't be told later that such-and-so an idea, as presented on Dlife, is all hooey. They research their stuff well.

I loved to hear about the possibility of cure for Type1. That's so exciting! I'd love there to be five different 'cures' for Type 1s! I'll admit to wishing that there was a Type1 Dlife show and a Type2 Dlife show. A half an hour a week is not enough. Heck, sooner or later, we'll be able to have the Diabetes Network.

Odds and Ends:

1. I talked with a Type1 today by phone. He's about 45 years post-diagnosis and broke his ankle. The physician doesn't want to operate, even though the fellow states he's in good health. (I didn't ask about his HbA1c.) Geeze, just because you're a Type 1, you might not get surgery to help your fractured ankle heal? That sounds fishy to me.

Perhaps there is more to the story. There often is.

2. Dr. Parts had a head x-ray this week, to help with his sinusitis. So I go on the web and find a site, aimed at physicians, stating that radiography is not generally helpful in diagnosis or treatment of sinusitis, that CT scan is better. So why is his doc ordering the head X-ray?

And, did it show what is actually in his head? This is the periennial wives' question. We would like to know what's in your head, and a test to actually show it to us would be great.

3. Grandparents are close to actually moving out of house and into retirement community. They have to be out of house on Monday, Nov 20. We are traveling up to help them on Sat, Nov 18 and Sun, Nov 19. Any support (prayers, good thoughts, candles, chants, etc.) will be welcome and appreciated. We will need much patience and endurance. There may also be cousin contact. Hooray!

4. My feet feel pretty good this week. I'm about 6 weeks into depression medication, and, although I can't say 'yes, I think the depression meds are working', I can say that I feel pretty good. Pretty functional. I don't feel like sinking into the couch at every opportunity. I'm keeping up with the laundry. A little less procrastination. Lest anyone be fooled: these are not Happy pills. I'm still me, dammit.
5. I did receive this piece of equipment this week:

Yes, it's a folding cane with a seat. My very first mobility aid. Aside from the orthotics, which are hidden in my shoes, that is. I got it on Ebay. I'm going to take it with me this weekend, just in case I need it. I like it a lot, although it is wooden, and probably heavier to carry than some of the other models available. It has style. I'm envisioning carrying this if I go to events like the state fair, or a conference, or a large mall or store, or even the post office where I might have to stand in line for longer than 5 minutes. I could have used it when waiting for the train on our vacation, or when the boys wanted to hit the local museums. We're very much nerdy vacationers, it's true.

I keep trying to qualify for that red hat thing, ladies, I really do. Do you think the cane will help?


  • At 8:04 PM, Blogger BetterCell said…

    Regarding your friend's ankle.....The healing in people w/T1DM is often very slow with the possibility of infection setting in. That is why most Physicians will use surgery as a last resort. Of course your friend's blood sugars have to remain within good numbers (75 - 125mg/dl.

  • At 3:58 AM, Blogger Lyrehca said…

    Completely unrelated to most of what you've written, but my mother is a very active Red Hatter and loves all her activities. I think you need to be fifty to be an associate member, and sixty-plus to be an official member. No idea how old you are, but those Red Hat people are pretty into all their events and fun. I've inherited several purple sweaters as a result, too.


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