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I was diagnosed in 1998 at the age of 33 with NIDDM or Type 2 diabetes. I come from a diabetic clan. I even married a diabetic. Are you on the diabetes road, too?
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Good Tests

I got an HbA1c reading done last week. The result was 5.8. Hooray!

I'm excited and encouraged by that number, but I know that it won't always be easy to get such a number. Every time it takes a lot of work and many good decisions to help my numbers come out right.

I'm still on two medications. I'm still at 170 lbs. I'd rather have lost another five or ten pounds by now, but that hasn't happened. Hey, I haven't gained either!

Dr. Parts had a horrible flu/sinus thing going on this week. He missed three days of work. His fever was up to 102. I think he may be on the verge of making some changes to his diabetes management strategies. I cannot push, though. His diabetes is his own.

I've discovered some more co-workers in my building who have diabetes. We are everywhere.

The foot pain continues, but seems much more manageable now. I'm back on Effexor for depression, but it's only been a few weeks and it's hard for me to tell if my mood has lifted or what.

I wish I didn't have such a complicated life, with regards to medical doctors and daily medications. I take 6 meds in the morning and 2 (or more) in the evening. Doesn't that seem like a lot for a woman at age 41?

At the same time, I'm glad that these medications are available and that I have these options that wouldn't have existed for me, had I been born several decades earlier.

Life is good. Life goes on. I think I'll go shopping.


  • At 2:35 PM, Blogger Minnesota Nice said…

    In addition to insulin, I take 5 meds and it is a constant reminder that my body needs careful tending.
    One of my co-workers saw all the little pills dumped out on my desk and said, "Kathy, that's a lot of vitamins you've got there...." and I didn't bother to correct him. I too try to have gratitude that they are available and that I can afford them.
    That's a superb A1C - my compliments on your effort.
    (Hope one of your shopping stops was the yarn shop!)
    - Kathy

  • At 3:44 PM, Blogger Kerri. said…

    Terrific A1c!!!

    And as far as going shopping, I hope your retail therapy was fantastic. :)

  • At 6:03 AM, Blogger Johnboy said…

    Congrats on the A1c!


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