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I was diagnosed in 1998 at the age of 33 with NIDDM or Type 2 diabetes. I come from a diabetic clan. I even married a diabetic. Are you on the diabetes road, too?
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Terrible Tuesday

I got to work, only ten minutes late, only to realize that I had taken none, yes, that's right, none of my meds. What a brilliant diabetic am I!

I had to call the acupuncturist to find out whether we had set our appointment on Wednesday or Thursday night. I had forgotten to record it. Silly me.

I'm developing a boil or something on my [unidentified body part]. I get these from time to time. They're bigger than a pimple, but seem smaller than a boil. I use the ointment called BoilEase, but they often get infected because I want to express them before they're ready. It's already infected, I believe, another great move for a person with diabetes. I recently learned, if I'm correct, that the technical term for this is cellulitis. ( I think Dr. Parts would send me to the doc to ask for antibiotics if he saw it. Don't tell him.) I'll keep an eye on it. It will likely heal in the next week or so.

Is that too much information to post in a blog? Too personal? Too much? Really? Well, you can be grateful that I have not posted a photograph for your review.

I left work a few hours early because Dr. Parts wanted me to meet him in Posh Suburb for Happy Hour to meet a coworker he thought I would like. Coworker was late. We ate too much food and drank waaay to much (expensive) booze. We talked about how foolish their (non-present) co-workers were in their political beliefs, which differ from ours.

We were meeting in Posh Suburb, because I had a knitting class to attend. I am learning to knit socks (see my other blog but don't stay there because it's about knitting, which among diabetics, may only be interesting to me and Monika, aka Monika). We were at the crucial technical aspect of the class, turning the heel, a portion of knitting that requires good vision, excellent counting skills, and paying attention. Did I mention that this is class number three of four, with several persons who I like and/or admire? And I show up rather tipsy. Terrific.

Well, I turned the heel, without having to tear anything out, and I picked up the several stitches that I dropped. They don't count if you pick them up again. Really.

Good thing that tomorrow is another day.

Dr. Parts got home safely. I got home safely. 'Course, after knitting class, I was much less tipsy. I went home and took my meds. And confessed all here.

And, although this post relates more to my personal foolishness and poor choices today, I exchanged emails with my diabetic uncle, which I thought would be a nice blogpost, that actually is diabetes-relevant and might be encouraging to others. Perhaps tomorrow. Second chances are a wonderful thing.

Tomorrow is another day.


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