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...or die trying.
I was diagnosed in 1998 at the age of 33 with NIDDM or Type 2 diabetes. I come from a diabetic clan. I even married a diabetic. Are you on the diabetes road, too?
This is my goal: to become a very old, very healthy diabetic by day to day choices regarding eating, exercise and medical management. Walk along with me...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Bob, and the rest of the world,

Thanks for your recent comment. It has spurred me a little. See?

You're right. Over a year without blogging is far too long.

And what a year it's been.

My husband has walked out on me. So, Dr. Parts is no more. His stuff is still here. He left in September, but his stuff is still here. I'm really not entirely sure why he left, due to his less-than-articulate explanation. It may have to due with too much clutter in the house, foster dogs who are not fully housetrained, my inability/unwillingness to rescue him financially any longer, or his allergies being triggered by something in the house. Those are my top guesses.

We are separated, but not legally separated, not legally divorced. Wait and see, wait and see.

Work is changing drastically in the next month to three months. I'm excited, but nervous. I'm excited about the new offices. I'm eager for more face-to-face contact with our customers.

I haven't been testing my blood sugar. I've been spotty on taking my meds. They drew blood for an HbA1c test on Monday. We'll see what it reveals early next week.

I really miss my husband's paycheck the most. I'm not sure if I'll need to declare bankruptcy. I'm not sure if I will lose my house. I may need to get a roommate, which would be fine, if I can get DH's (which, in this context means "departing husband") cra-I mean stuff out of my home.

I have two fosterdogs for Ratbone Rescues. One has an approved adoptive home. The second guy, Jorge does not. He is very sweet, and I would like to keep him forever, but really. Three dogs are too many for one person, working full time.

Good things this year? Sock Summit. Thank you Blue Moon Fiber Arts aka Tina Newton and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Sock Summit was so damn good. I took a vacation week to go. It was in my home town. I was there every day. It was the best vacation ever. EVER.

My grandfather is still alive. My mother is still alive. I am not on insulin. My father is still alive. My brother and his wife are still alive. Their pseudo-children (long story) are adorable and bring much joy into their and my lives. (That last sentence was strange, but true, and, I think, grammatically correct.) I have not killed any of my coworkers. I have not killed any of my foster dogs. My foster dogs have not killed any of my cats, despite diligent efforts.

Life is still good, even when bad things happen. Even when people who promised things to you are unable to keep their promises. Even when it's hard to predict the future.

I promise to not go an entire year again without blogging. Thanks for the reminder, Bob.