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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Misplaced Meter

I've misplaced my meter, the one I use to get my morning readings.

Which means, I haven't tested my fasting blood sugar in roughly four weeks.

Not great.

I saw this story on ABC today. I thought it summed up the thought nicely.

Now for a different topic: I have a secret quest.

I've been on this quest for some time now. I am in search of the perfect french dip sandwich. I love them!!

The beef should be good quality, but not too thickly sliced. One should be able to separate the beef into bites without sharpening one's teeth. The beef should not be too fatty.

The broth should not be excessively salty. This is hard to tell, as it should be salted, but not excessively salty. There should be plenty of au jus. One should not run out of au jus mid-sandwich.

The bread is key. The bread should not have been microwaved. Do not microwave the bread as it will, in that case, be pre-sogged. The bread should be a french or italian style, which means that it has a nice crust on it, with a good loft, and nice airy cells with which to absorb the jus. It should be significantly different from any standard fast-food hamburger bun. Soft white bread is not worthy of the french dip sandwich.

Cheese is unnecessary. Mayonnaise is unnecessary.

It's always a risk for me to order a French Dip at a restaurant, because I have such high standards. I hate it when I find out that they've used a hamburger-style bun and microwaved it. Yuck.

I will have for you a few examples of both the good and the bad french dip in the next few weeks or months.

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