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Thursday, February 15, 2007


I went back to Pod #1 on Tuesday. Pod #1 doesn't necessarily agree with Pod #2 that I have Joplin's neuroma. I think he doesn't agree because my pain presents differently, without shooting pains down to the toe. (Did you know that bilateral foot pain is characteristic of diabetic neuropathy?) So, he shot me up with cortisone, in one foot only, just to see what happens.

Gosh. You know what steroids mean for a diabetic. Elevated BG levels. The day before V-day. Thanks, hot shot!

The foot doesn't really hurt, as some predicted when they heard I got a cortisone shot. It doesn't feel significantly better. It does feel...different.

Went to see the acupuncturist tonight. He's disdainful of the other (allopathic) pratitioners, although he tries to hide it with a veneer of politeness, sometimes. The feet feel pretty good right now.

Course, I had to read this article when the title included "eases foot pain". That is one approach I haven't tried, ever.

So, I'm testing every few hours, but the sugar levels seem about the same as usual for me. Hmm. Do you think Pod #1 might have slipped me a placebo? I don't really care if he did or didn't; it may be good for a diagnosis. But he better not bill for drugs if he gave me saline!

I know, the pain meds are making me a leeetle paranoid. No, no, I'm not trying the new approach.

I hope your Valentine's Day was very good. Dr. Parts took me out to dinner. It's a lovely local bar, all decked out in dusty rose velvet. One room is the bar & Oregon Lottery poker lounge. It is always full and always smoky. The other room is the dining room, with boothes and the pool table. It is nonsmoking and has been empty, save for us, both times earlier we ate there. On Valentine's day, we thought there'd be 4 or 6 other couples. No, only one other table was occupied.

I'm discouraged about the foot pain, but Acupuncturist is encouraging that his treatment is working to break down the scar tissue that may be affecting the nerves.

Talked with a woman today whose 16-y-o daughter has diabetes, bipolar, and, apparently, a nasty rash of teenage rebellion. Daughter has, apparently, Type 2. These kinds of talks make me glad that I have my own diabetes, and not that kid's diabetes & other stuff. I pray that kiddo gets a handle on her life and her disease.

On to the next holiday...

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  • At 5:20 PM, Blogger Minnesota Nice said…

    Lori, last summer I had two cortisone injections for my trigger finger (the knitters nemesis). The first thing I asked the hand specialist was how would the injection affect my insulin needs.
    He looked startled and then scrolled down the computer screen (I think he forgot that I had it).
    He said "oh, the jury's still out". How can the jury be out? I think it's common knowledge that steroids, either injected or oral, may cause bg levels to go up.
    Then he said that the amount he was injecting into my hand was maybe 1/10th the amount that would go into a shoulder or knee and if it was going to affect the bg it would do so within 12 hours. "Maye you should do a blood test tomorrow morning......"
    (I do believe it was documented on the screen that I was currently testing 7X per day.....)
    Maybe I am being a grump about him because the injections did not help at all and I may have to consider surgery.........
    Anyway, hope the feet are better.


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