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Monday, February 19, 2007

Diabetes Joke Challenge

Sometimes I have stereotypical ideas about the genders. I admit it. I do.

I think that women don't tell jokes, the traditional joke-joke, as well as men do. I think it's something about the way the brains are wired. Mine is wired for matching colors; his is wired for puns.

I can't even remember jokes. You know, all those why-did-the-chicken-cross-the-road jokes and semi-matching punchlines you've heard over your lifetime. I can't even repeat them, and most men I know could probably list off at least five on demand.

Still, when I come up with a great opener like "two diabetics walk into a bakery on a saturday night" I can't leave it alone.

I'm going to be working on at least five jokes along that theme.

I think the basic pattern goes like this:

Two PWDs walk into Piece of Cake on a Saturday night. George says, "Hey, Scott, we should probably test, so we can decide whether to get the sugar free cake or the real stuff."

[Insert punchline here.]


Scott and George walk into a bakery on a Saturday night. The gal behind the counter sees them and shakes her head. She points to the door and says, "You'll have to leave. We don't serve your kind in here."

Scott and George glance at each other and say, "It's okay, [insert punchline here]."

See, I'm so un-funny when it comes to jokes. Dr. Parts says we might have to hire a real writer.

But I think that George and Scott are funny dudes. They can probably come up with something. It might require editing the photos though.

So, George and Scott and any other funny writers, I want to see some "Two Diabetics Walk Into A Bakery" jokes. Please. Post 'em on your weblog. Email them to me and I can post them here, if they're nice and clean.

In the meantime, if you need some funnies, you can go here.


  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger George said…

    LOL I love this! I am going to get to work on a funny one.

    I am so honored to be mentioned especially as a "funny dude."

    That is awesome!

    C'mon Scott, we have some writing to do! :)

  • At 1:25 PM, Blogger Scott K. Johnson said…

    Aha! An assingment! Righto!

    I'm especially honored to be considered in the same league of "funny" as G-Money!

    Ok, my gears are working... we'll see what happens with it...

  • At 10:56 PM, Blogger George said…

    Check out my post. I tried my best. :)


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