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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Garage Updates

These are the 'after' pictures. I know, you can't see much difference. But I can!

Let me draw your attention to the tools mounted on the wall behind the bins. That wasn't there before!

Also, not pictured, is an overhead storage shelf thingy, ceiling mounted. Much of the camping furniture went there. It's great.

And, lo, what is that in the garage door? Could it be, a project underway? Why, yes. It IS a project underway.

And I'd like you to note that the stored items are in bins, not in secondhand, falling-apart cardboard boxes.

Dr. Parts has room to move around and do some work that he's wanted to get to for a long, long time. Here's he's sanding our two recently purchased bedside tables. We got them at our local unfinished furniture store. They are ash and beautiful.

He keeps asking, "How would you like me to finish them?"

I keep answering, "It's your project. You should finish them as you think best."

This is a going-back-in-time photo to Dr. Parts working in the garage last Saturday. Throwing stuff away. Isn't he fabulous!

And behind him, you can see all the Lori boxes that are no longer there. I must have gone through 10-15 boxes. I think I saved only 3 bins worth. I did great. He helped me carry a little more stuff than the previous Saturday.

He loaded up his truck and took it all to the dump. It's a hard process for me, but I do like the outcome.

I found lots of old boyfriend stuff. It merely confirmed the superiority of Dr. Parts over any other partner. I'm a very lucky woman.

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