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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Garage Pain

This is what can happen when you let two persons marry at the age of (roughly) 40. Two sets of memories and momentos, stacked in the one-car garage.

Saturday, Dr. Parts decided it was time to organize this mess. He gave us a deadline of 10 days.


We've only had this mess at this level for roughly four years, and now we have ten days to resolve it? Oh, well, let's dig in and see how far we get.

We did great! Probably about one-third done. He got some shelves to hang from the ceiling and mounted them and put the camping chairs and cots up.

I carried my boxes (those are the boise cascade green & white paper boxes) and took them to the living room and sorted them out. I probably did ten, and saved only about one box worth.

We set aside donations and a lot of trash.

Downside? My feet have been killing me since Sunday.

I am so discouraged. I'm thinking that I'll have to quit my job because I don't perform at an adequate level when I'm in that kind of pain. It feels as if they just finished caning the soles of my feet. And if I can't bring in my salary, how will we sell the house? Or is there some kind of career change that I can do which will require less actual steps? And if I can't step as much as I used to what the **** is going to happen to my future, and my diabetes? No exercise? What kind of life is that? What's it going to do for my circulatory system? Maybe I should just go ahead and have the blanking surgery? And since the **** pain is bilateral, that means it's probably not related to my bones, or the structure of my feet. Bilateral pain is probably neuropathy.

I am doomed, doomed! I'm already on pain meds, I'm already on antidepressants; what more can they actually do for me? And it's a *&*(&^ invisible disability, because I look perfectly fine and healthy. Should I get a scooter/powerchair? And if I do, will it work with our vehicles? Those people are going to think I'm crazy...

And so go the voices in my head. Around and around they go, gaining speed with each lap.

So, on my annual exam visit to MD tomorrow, I will officially ask for a reference to the OHSU Comprehensive Pain Center.

I've printed out the forms my doc needs to fill out. I've also got the 22-page intake form that I have to fill out for my first appointment.

Here's hoping that they can restore my bank account of hope, related to my foot pain, because I'm all out in that area.

And I'm hoping Dr. Parts will give me more than ten days to finish up my part of the project. He's a good man.

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  • At 5:31 AM, Blogger Chrissie in Belgium said…

    I SO sympathize with your garage clutter problem....... Both of my kids still see our house as the "PLACE OF STORAGE". Boxes and boxes and boxes, and since it is only cluttering up our life and not theirs they have little motivation to THROW ANYTHING AWAY!


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