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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tuesday Dinner

As you may have figured out by now, I struggle with being a diabetic. I struggle with making good eating choices. Right now, I'm struggling a lot with exercise and my stupid foot injury. And I use this blog and this writing to help motivate myself to make good choices. If anyone reads it and enjoys it, great. If not, that's OK.

So, last night, I thought Dr. Parts was going to barbeque one of the several packages of brauts that he accepted from a friend. These are packages of six large sausages each. And he usually espects me to eat as much as he does. I think a good serving size of this concoction would be 1/3 of a braut. He's probably going to eat two, when he does. But that's not how the evening worked out. He took me out for dinner. We chose a local Chinese restaurant. Now this one is not our favorite Chinese restaurant.

Our favorite Chinese restaurant is Mandarin House. It has authentic chinese food, has many healthier choices and great people. Its drawbacks? Further from home, so-so parking and they make their blood marys using strawberry daquiri mix. They're such nice people, with relatively limited English skills, that I haven't had the heart to point out to them that they have the wrong red mix for bloody marys. Of course, that was several months ago.

So we went to the local chinese restaurant. I was tired. I didn't quiz the waitress. She was tired too and seemed detached. We selected one of the pre-selected dinner suites. It turned out to consist of egg-drop soup-a fine choice, if low on fiber- fried rice, plus four meat-based items, three of which were deep-fried. To use a phrase that was popular in my youth, totally grotee. The sweet-and-sour whatever (I think it was chicken) had two small pieces of pinkish tomato, about four small pieces of bell pepper, and about the same amount of pieces of pineaple. I grabbed all the veggie pieces off the dish. It was excessively expensive for what we got.

And I sorta wish I had thrown a tantrum and had asked for something that was vegetable based. When is it OK for me to require that I get what I need? I don't always know, and I often defer to others rather than standing firm for myself.

And Dr. Parts didn't set out to create an anti-Lori dinner. He didn't know that the meat was going to be deep-fried. He didn't know that these dishes were going to be devoid of vegetables. But neither of us asked.

I meant to go home and do 20-30 minutes of exercise. But I didn't. My stomach didn't feel so good.

This morning my blood sugar was 93.

Another day. Another chance to make good choices.


  • At 12:00 PM, Blogger Kerri. said…

    I have such trouble properly calculating for chinese food meals. Even when I meausure and carb count until the cows come home, often times the cows come home with more fat or sodium than I anticipated and my levels are all screwy.

    Sounds like you managed well, despite obstacles. :)


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