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Monday, April 16, 2007

Here's Hoping for Amy

I mostly use the internet to shop. Really it's true. And I can admit it. Sometimes I just am window shopping and sometimes I'm really buying. Sometimes I look for new pets. Sometimes I look for new homes.

But these listings for kids needing adoption just about break my heart. Here's the local one for the Northwest Region. But enough about that.. it's this kid who's been on my mind for a while.

I bring you the lovely Miss Amy of Louisiana. (Click on the link, please.) She has diabetes (type 1). She needs a home. I'm sure the last several years have been tough for her. Many of you know what it was like to be a teenager with diabetes. Can you imagine being a foster kid with diabetes in your teenage years?

There are websites for all sorts of special needs adoption kids-for ones with cleft palates, for ones with club feet, hepatitis, deafness, dwarfisms, etc. There are even a few websites that gather up the listings for available-for-adoption children with a specified diagnosis or disorder. But none (that I've seen so far) for kids with diabetes for adoption. Texas has this handy reference available, just in case you were considering a kid with Type 1 diabetes and had no idea what you might be getting yourself into.

Here's a link to the Louisiana Adoption Services page, if you need more information or wish to contact her worker. (I didn't ask anyone's permission before posting this, so I may get my hands slapped for it. It's a fine line to walk between seeking an appropriate adoptive family for a kid and advertising her like a laundry detergent. And the kids are deserving of respect and privacy. And here I am blogging about her. Talk about loss of dignity.)

If you're considering adoption, can you consider Amy? Or is there someone in your circle of friends who could be Amy's new family? I'm praying for her. Is there some way that the community of PWDs could support Amy? (Can we get her on dLife?) We'll have to think and consider this one.

Here's hoping for you, Amy! Hang in there, girlfriend. Keep on testing!

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