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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Headlight analogy

I had to post to let you all know that I'm no longer impersonating an Australian. Which is to say, I have shaved my legs and my armpits. I know you all were extremely interested in that. And I have shifted my accent back to plain ole' USA.

My AM BG reading was 116.

Mom and her husband were here. They brought us a pizza for dinner. We had some cookies after dinner, but not excessive amounts. I think it's the extra fat in the pizza. It was thin crust.

Mom drove me to work, which gave me a few extra hours of sleep. I have a great mom.

Over the weekend-yes it was a church-I heard a speaker who used headlights as an analogy. Here goes: My headlights are great. They're well aimed, bright, and really useful to me as I drive along. I love them.

Your headlights are awful. They're glaring, and they blind me. Geeze, you're driving right at me with those headlights set on high-beams. What's wrong with you?

I think that this applies to diabetes control. I think my diabetes control is fine, but I see lots of problems with yours.

Since I'm in a double-diabetes household, and part of a diabetic clan, there is often discussion of the other's diabetes. I've even got co-workers with whom I discuss diabetes. I think that I'm pretty healthy, and try to remember that my diabetes is mine, and their diabetes is not mine, but it's hard to avoid that temptation to fix a problem that you might see in someone else's life or their diabetes management.


  • At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Uncle Pesky said…

    Yes, you have a great Mom.
    You are doing so well keeping those BG's down.
    Mine are still up in the 200's, and I wont let it stay that way. I'll have to see the Doc soon.

    I want the Cable that connects my Trackese to the PC.
    I'm sure it's just a Searial Data/USB cable.
    But the Spread sheet program that resides in the PC is gonna be a problem. I have actually created SS programs before.

    We've chopped up 18 Chickens so far. Just 28 to go.
    If I eat them with Cooked Greens will it count as a Vegan meal?

  • At 4:35 PM, Blogger George said…

    It is difficult biting your tongue sometimes. I try to just keep my mouth shut unless someone asks for my opinion or help and then, LOOK OUT!

    You may want to reconsider the Aussie thing. A winter coat may be helpful in the coming months!

    (My sisters always used to say, i am growing my winter coat! LOL)

  • At 7:28 AM, Blogger Kerri. said…

    When I was a little kid, around 7 or 8 yrs old, my mother was my primary partner in my diabetes management. And it used to make me crazy when she would refer to diabetes as "ours." "We need to test our bloodsugar. We need to have a snack." I couldn't help but holler, "Ma, I need to test my bloodsugar, you don't."

    Over the next decade, it became a joke in our household: "It's YOUR diabetes. I watch out for you."

    Ownership/Possession of this disease is just another cog in the machine. :)


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