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Monday, August 28, 2006

A Normal Crisis

Dr. Parts and I just got through a normal crisis week.

Which is to say, a semi-relative needed us to rescue an impounded RV, Dr. Parts replaced an alternator in his vehicle, and my starter has been unreliable. Dr. Part's electrical system is still not working properly. He believes that the alternator that he installed is faulty. The good news? It comes with a lifetime warranty. (That should cover four days.) My starter has finally decided that it will start no more.

I keep reminding myself that these are normal, solvable crises. I'm annoyed that they're happening, and annoyed that they require money that I'd rather spend on yarn or earrings or the electric bill. Mechanical things break. They require maintenance. It's rarely at a convenient time.

But we're not injured. We're not in the hospital. We haven't suffered anything permanent. Our blood sugars have been about the same.

We are, I think, falling into the 'because I deserve it' trap, of eating for emotional comfort and stress relief. We've hit a couple of drive-thrus (Taco Bell, Wendy's) , had a few treats (Baskin Robbins), and I've consumed more alcohol than I normally do in any given week. It's not really safe for us to do this, due to the diabetes. And yet, we do.

Dr. Parts thinks he'll be able to do the repairs, which is miraculous in my non-mechanically-gifted world, so we'll end up paying for parts. He'll end up with some dirty cuts and scrapes on his hands, and probably say some words out loud that his wife doesn't care to hear.

This is what I would term a normal crisis. We own cars. Cars break down. Whaddya expect?

Illness is often a normal crisis. Humans get ill. I'm related to a lot of humans. I live in a human body. I'm going to experience illness and injury.

Death is even a normal crisis. Humans die. I'm probably going to attend a lot of memorial services throughout my lifetime.

It's normal to go through these cycles of events and the emotions associated with them. Stress and frustration. Joy and accomplishment. Fear and anxiety. Sorrow and loss.

My maternal grandparents, both of whom have diabetes now, are selling their home and possessions and moving into a retirement community, which has yet to be selected. They are also dealing with all the emotions of loss. Loss of possessions, loss of independence, loss of control, loss of physical ability, loss of space, loss of possibilities.

And yet, this is a normal transition of life. It happens to a lot of us, no matter how uncomfortable.

Another normal crisis.


  • At 7:44 AM, Blogger the beautiful diabetic said…

    HI lori...
    Thanks for your comments! I really do appreciate them.
    Your post today made me reflect. I have experienced alot of loss and for me, the question is not whether you will or won't experience it, because you will, but how you will handle it when it comes. That is the challenge and overcoming is the victory.
    If I can figure out how to add you to my links list, I will. Still trying to figure it all out!!

  • At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Monika said…

    Good post Lori....Really got me thinking. It really is all about how you decide to handle all of lifes 'crapulance', isn't it?

  • At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Uncle Pesky said…

    Get in line Dr. Parts.
    I wish I lived closer, I'd come over and mutter under the hood with you.
    I'm sure that will help out a little bit.
    Lori's father is equally non-gifted mechanically. I have stories!

    I've had months of bad luck like you have right now. It's really bad when it's your professional job's that go bad.

    I think I've discovered one of the things contributing to my High BG's.
    It's a steroid based nasal spray.
    I looked over my sheet of numbers and noticed the Hi BG's started the day after I started the Spray.
    Yes, the spray fixed the problem, but now I'm having to take 6 units of Humalog every Two hours.
    That cant be a good thing.

    I've had some terrible battles in my lifetime, but the one I lose repeatedly is with my mind. That bad little boy inside me just seems to have more influence on my Will than I can muster.
    Thus, we eat good, which is bad. Jeez, I'm talking to myself again.


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