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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Uncle Pesky Responds

My Uncle Pesky has found the blog.

Sssshhh. We must be very quiet now.

You may know that I wrote extensively about my Uncle Pesky in an earlier post.

Pesky has responded. It's too good to miss, so here's his update on my analysis of him and his situation:

Pesky is in the BLOG!

My most elegant and intelligent Niece.Thank you for those kind words about me.I could correct a couple of simple things.

Sheriff Joe Arpayo is the Most successful lawman in the last two centuries. Including J. Edgar Hoover.

What I'd do if I were suddenly put in charge of prisons would certainly cut down on Recitivisim, and even the longevity of the prison population.

On School funding. I'd starve every prisoner to death, and use the money I saved to get low interest loans for furthering the education of every American kid that qualifies.

I was first told I had a tendency toward Hi Blood sugars in 1974.I ignored the information, same as nearly everbody I know who languishes in the warmth of the four basic food groups.Pizza, PopCorn, candy bar's n' Beer!

That's food. You get the other stuff when you go to Mom's for Christmas Dinner.

Now I'm taking pills and shots. I got some new shots, in the 'Pen' called Humalog!25/75 twice a day, and the other Humalog shots per the BG readings at the two Hr Post Prangial.I carry the stuff with me in an Ice Bag, and my Cell Phone is my alarm clock. Cool. I'm living with it.

Somehow I'm able to keep from snacking between meals now. Much better than before.We eat good though.

My wife could make a delicacy out of Road Apples.Lot's of Vegatables, and some meat at every meal. Lean meat though. Eggs in the AM.Chicken, Fish or something else at the two other meals.

I'm slowly losing weight from 245 down to 234 so far. The Doc says 175 is the target weight. Yup, when I've been in the Box about a week, I'll be down to the Target weight.

It's come to me as I write this BLOG, who the heck am I writing to?ME?

Well, dear Uncle, you weren't writing a blog. I think you were writing a comment on my blog. So it's sorta to me, and sorta to the world.

Since he's found me, he may post comments, which may be under the name Thudpucker and may be under Pesky or Uncle Pesky. Wikipedia has a good article that seems fair about Sheriff Joe Arpaio and mentions some of the controversial things that have happened under his leadership.

My uncle is a good guy if excessively opinionated. He can't help that, though. Maybe it's because he's irish. Maybe it's because God has gifted him with more insight and wisdom than others got. I can't really tell.

He is my favorite uncle. His wife may be canonized.

(Of course, the other two candidates for favorite uncle are now dead, heart disease & diabetes, the both of them. But Pesky would still be a leading candidate, even if Russ and Keith were still among the living.)


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