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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I've had it.

Enough with this bearing up under pressure gracefully. Phooey on that.

Work has been short staffed. Others have flex schedules, which means that I feel like I have to be there on certain days, to ensure that the phones are covered. I have about six weeks of sick leave on the books. I haven't taken any days off this summer to rest and recharge myself.

My feet hurt. The car issues mean that I am walking more than I perhaps should. I'm going to have to call the doctor to see if she'll renew my stronger than OTC pain pill prescription. I don't like that 'if'.

It's hard to keep up with my banking, when I cannot drive from bank #1 to bank #2 to move the money from this account to that account. Paydays seem very far off.

The car trouble means that Dr. Parts, graciously, drives me to work and then heads out to his work. This means 12 hour days for me at work. I keep a pillow and blanket at my workstation, but we don't have a dedicated nap area in this building. I'm looking for one.

I haven't gone grocery shopping in days. I'm out of razors, so my legs and armpits are hairy. I'm pretending I'm from Australia. I don't keep cow's milk in the house, since I believe it is an ideal food only for calves, but my mom & her husband will want to eat it. I think the rest of the menu will consist of olives, pickled green beans and rice. I hope we have coffee in the house, since he's a coffee drinker, too.

I want to take a mental health day, a day to rest and recharge, to de-stress, so I have enough energy to face the rest of the week. But it's hard to schedule. And no, I don't think that Labor Day is going to be enough for me. We've got interviews, since, thankfully, they are trying to hire somebody to help with the general coverage, and everybody has to be there for the interview panel. We have had Chatty Charles as a temp, but his assignment ends on Friday. Bleecchh.

My blood sugars are up slightly. AM BG was 102. I'd love to go see my doctors again, about the diabetes or my feet, or my dentist about my teeth, but I'm not ready to do what I'll have to do to ride the bus to get there.

And again, as I posted earlier, I know that this is all just a normal crisis. These things will pass. It's like being on the ocean in a boat. Sometimes you're at the top of a swell, sometimes you're down in the valley between swells.

And again, we're not injured. We're not in the hospital. We are okay.

But I don't like it. I am uncomfortable. I'm stressed and I have no more give in me.

I need a nap. Or perhaps antidepressants.


  • At 3:47 PM, Blogger Minnesota Nice said…

    One of the people I work with always says, "deal with it and move on" - yeah, I thought, easy for him to say. But he really lives that way and he is calm, forgiving and in excellent health.
    Since we are creatures of habit, any teeny tiny change in our routine can be really stressful, even if it seems insignificant.
    Hope things settle down. But, just think how much knitting you could do on the bus.....


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